Innovative Strategies / Sustainable Solutions

Taplin Group has a rich history of experience and proven expertise in the environmental services industry.  Led by Steve Taplin who founded and built Terra Contracting into an industry leader and earned the reputation of providing exceptional environmental services to clients, Taplin Group brings that experience and expertise and offers a broad range of services to include industrial cleaning, underground infrastructure, energy services (including oil & gas and pipeline), asbestos abatement, remediation and civil construction.  Our comprehensive list of services complement one another, offering a single-source, cost-effective solution to support complex projects.

We take great pride in the quality and safety of our work.  By remaining dedicated to our six core principles, we provide our clients with extraordinary levels of quality and value.  We work with a wide range of clients including public sector and private industry. 


A key component of our core culture at Taplin Group is our focus on safety and the critical role it plays as a measure of success for every project.  All of our field personnel are trained with our in-house ELKS Safety Program - (Elimination of Loss through Knowledge & Stewardship), which is a behavior-based safety program designed to identify potential incidents before they take place so no one gets hurt.


Mission Statement

Our family of companies are driven to provide exceptional environmental services in a safe and professional manner.  We believe our core principles of integrity, safety, customer focus, intensity, training and teamwork have proven to be a solid foundation for our success.  Our commitment is to provide innovative strategies and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for our clients, our team and for the communities we serve.


Family of companies

Taplin Holdings

  • Corporate administration

Taplin Group

·         Industrial services

·         Underground infrastructure

·         Asbestos abatement

·         Energy

Taplin Enterprises

·         Remediation & civil construction

Our six principles

Our family of companies are guided by six core principles, and they are:

Integrity – Safety – Customer focus – Intensity – Training- Teamwork

These principles came to us directly through decades of service from Al Taplin, the late father of Steve Taplin who is the founder and President of our family of companies.  We inherited these principles, and we gladly accepted them because they had been tried and tested in the field to prove their worth.  They are at the heart of who we are and the foundation of our success.