Industrial Cleaning          

Taplin Group management and personnel have been providing industrial service solutions to local, regional and national clients since the 1960’s.  Our in-house capabilities and team include project managers, technicians and equipment operators who possess the proven expertise, experience and required training to successfully respond to a wide variety of complex challenges.

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Contact info:  Craig Watrous         

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Underground Infrastructure       

Taplin Group provides collection systems management, municipal cleaning and rehabilitation solutions utilizing science innovations such as closed-circuit color TV units, laser technology and specialized software.  Taplin Group also possesses one of only five, large-diameter sewer cleaning systems (photo) and is considered one of the leading experts in the large diameter cleaning market.

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Contact info:  Dave Balogh          


Oil and Gas        

Taplin Group offers a wide array of oil and gas field operations support.  Whether you need support for new construction or maintenance activities, our services are backed by an expert staff of professionally trained personnel with proven expertise, experience and required training to successfully respond to a wide variety of complex challenges.  Our services include tank & pit cleaning, access road and pad construction, frac tank and roll-off services and drill platform construction.

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Contact info:  Steve Minella          



Taplin Group provides a wide array of pipeline services designed to meet the needs of pipeline operators and contractors.  Backed by an expert staff of professionally trained personnel with extensive experience in the pipeline industry, we can be your “one stop shot” for pipeline services anywhere nationwide.

Contact info:  Steve Minella          


Abatement Services      

Taplin Group provides comprehensive asbestos and lead abatement solutions, including hazardous waste management services for commercial, industrial and municipal facilities.  Our services include ACM repair, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, biocide application, particulate deep clean operations and pigeon waste cleanup and deterrent services.

Contact info:  Greg Moe                

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Emergency Response     

Taplin Group can respond to and manage all of your ER needs for virtually any material or waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We provide a comprehensive package of “start to finish” services that includes containment, mitigation, remediation, identification, transportation, disposal and reporting.

Contact info:  Brad Ritchie 


 Contractor & Commercial Services       

Taplin Group has the experience and expertise to provide exceptional earth moving and civil construction services to developers, municipalities and commercial property owners.  Combined with our trucking operations, we can offer our clients a single-source, cost-effective solution to support your contracting needs or civil construction project.

Contact info:  Dave Balogh             


Remediation & Civil Construction              

Our remediation services line is handled by Taplin Enterprises, one of our family of companies whose management and personnel have earned a solid reputation for excellence in handling a wide range of environmental projects all over the country.  Two projects of note include the Kalamazoo River Superfund PCB cleanup from 2007-2010 and the oil spill cleanup in Marshall, MI in 2010.  Our focus is to provide high-quality remediation services to clients with an emphasis on completing projects safely, on time and on budget.  Our crews are experienced working on EPA superfund projects and the complexities associated with projects of this nature.

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Contact info:  Don Hopper